Cat Conservation Compendium

Cats are admired, feared and hated for their beauty, supremacy and ferocity. Some of the cats are great cultural symbols and have an outstanding ceremonial value, but the living cats are mere mystic shadows in the forest; and some of the smaller species are virtually unknown even to local people.

For a conservation programme to be successful a sincere cooperation between various key players is required: government institutions, which are responsible for legislation and law enforcement; experts, who provide the necessary information; and local people and stakeholders, who need to coexist with the cats and need to support the implementation of conservation measures. Conservation partnership has to be carefully built up.

The Cat Conservation Compendium (CCC) is based on the two publications of the IUCN/SSC: the Strategic Planning for Species Conservation: an overview and the Strategic Planning for Species Conservation: A Handbook. The CCC is a short document, with a minimum number of references, meant to provide a checklist-like step-by-step guidance for the development and implementation of a cat conservation programme. 

Cat Conservation Compendium PDF

Checklist for cat conservation programmes and Strategic Planning Cycle PDF

Strategic Planning Cycle

Stategic Planning Cycle for species conservation projects. The actual planning process (done in participatory workshops) is covered by Points 3 and 4. However, the preparatory steps (Points 1 and 2) are important for sensible planning. The ultimate goal of the whole procedure is the implementation of conservation actoins (Point 5), but these will only be successful if properly planned and subsequently monitored and evaluated (Point 6).